Jockey® Elance® Hipster - 3 Pack
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  • our Elance® hipster is a simple and practical panty that provides continuous comfort
  • women's underwear sits approximately 2" below your waist and offers full coverage
  • cotton fabric offers a soft, comfortable feel
  • Jockey® hipster comes in a variety of colors
  • stocking up on our Elance® hipster is made simple with our convenient 3-packs!
Fabric Content: 100% cotton. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
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What happened to Jockey quality?
Disaster. I've been buying Jockey for years. Now, all of a sudden, they're made in Jamaica. The cotton is MUCH thinner than it used to be. Two pair in my pack were way too small -- I measured, an inch less wide than my old pair in the same size! Another pair was too high -- cut like briefs -- almost an inch TALLER than my old pair. This is nonsense. I complained to Jockey and got no response.
Jockey--please take the hint!
Jockey all-cotton hipsters are the ONLY underwear I have worn for 30? years. I unfortunately agree with other long-time wearers that the quality has tanked in recent years. The fabric is flimsier, the fit is not consistent, and the colors offered aren't as nice. How sad to see what was a premier product go so far down. I don't feel like ordering them anymore, but I don't know what I can possibly replace them with...
November 26, 2010
Poor quality control
I bought two 3-packs of this style and found only one in each pack that was sized correctly. The others were all cut much bigger and/or had been made with stretched-out elastic. I have been wearing Jockey classic hipsters for years (always the same size) so know how they should fit. Very disappointing.
May 28, 2008
Not as good as the old version
I loved the Elance hipsters and was disappointed when they were discontinued. On my last shopping trip, I was so happy to see that they were back. However, this new version is not as comfortable as the previous version. The back of the legs seems to be cut higher so there is not as much coverage in the seat. The waistband also seems to dig into my skin, which is not true of the previous version. The fabric is also much thinner. I'm very disappointed, not sure why they changed when the original was so good!
August 29, 2009
I have bought the Jockey brand for myself as well as for my children for 25 years. the past 4 years I have been dissappointed in the quality of the material used. It is lighter in weight, does not hold the shape of the panty as it did before and tears easily. I have a hole in one of my new pairs that I have just recently purchased. How it got there I do not know. I loved wearing Jockeys because of comfort and style, and thought that if I purchased them on-line instead of having a difficult time finding the style I wanted in the department store, I would get the style I love and hopefully the extra $ I paid would be worth my time. I was disappointed to find the same cheap material (in my opinion)and hope it will change soon. I will try the on-line store one more time and hope the quality will improve. Thank you for asking and I hope you to fix the material. Jockey Brand has always had the best product and that is why it will be difficult to move away from it. Sincerly, Lynn Marie Hubach
January 10, 2010
Another trusted brand goes south
I've worn the same style (hip hugger) and the same size (6) for many, many years. Now suddenly they're way too small. I hate to give up on Jockey, but I can no longer depend on this brand. I'm giving my recent purchase to charity.
April 26, 2011
No longer lives up to its reputation
I've bought Jockey French cut and hipsters for nearly two decades. The quality has deteriorated, the selection of colors has narrowed, and the fit is not the same. I weigh the same; new size 5 is a half inch smaller than old size five. I bought new French cuts a few months ago, and after 4 or 5 washings the elastic band began to unravel. On the hipsters the cotton fabric wears away quickly at the waistband where the Jockey tag is. No more Jockeys for me. It's too bad. They used to be a perfect fit and quite long-lasting.
September 20, 2011
The shape has changed--for the worse!!
I have worn Elance Hipsters for several years and agree with all the negative reviews by other long-term customers of this product. It appears Jockey has changed the fit and shrunk the amount of fabric it uses for all the Elance Hipsters (at least size 5), but especially the white ones from Costa Rica. I measured my old pairs, which I love, and my new ones, which are very uncomfortable/too small (although I've lost 15 pounds!!!). The new fronts are bit larger than the old (for fat stomachs in a size 5???), but the new backs (where the buttocks must fit) are MUCH smaller. The backs have 2 inches less fabric in width at the top (hip) and are only 8 inches from crotch seam to top; whereas the older pairs are 9.5 inches. I will need to look for another brand because I need 100% cotton and below-the-waist elastic due to stomach ulcers. I am extremely disappointed! They used to be wonderful!!!
November 19, 2011
my only choice for 25+ years
I have been purchasing these for 25+ years. 3 of the last 6 packages I bought were not up to par. I noticed that depending on where they are made, they fit differently. I paid full retail ([$]per package) and now have 9 pairs that I can't wear. I can't return them to the retailer as I always wash them before I wear them.
March 12, 2011
Loved the old style/ cut.
Love, love, love the old style. I bought 6 packs a couple of years ago from [...] and made a few purchases when I found these on sale at [...] all in a size 6. However, I just purchased 3 packs this weekend and found they are all to tight/small. The leg is cut higher in the back which offers less rear coverage and they ride up. The fabric is thinner and the leg and waist band fabric is not tucked under and sewn leaving a raw edge of fabric. Liked the old style/fabric/cut much better. Will return and buy a larger size as I am allergic to latex and these are the only panties I can find with a covered band.
August 15, 2010
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Why did you choose this? Store
All cotton.
Terry T on Nov 27, 2015
Good fit, don't ride up! Quality has been great and they last well.
Karen B on Nov 26, 2015
All cotton.
Terry T on Nov 27, 2015
Very comfortable and long wearing.
Patricia S on Nov 27, 2015
Good fit, don't ride up! Quality has been great and they last well.
Karen B on Nov 26, 2015
I love the fit!
Jeanne V on Nov 22, 2015
have been wearing these for years, they wear and fit beautifully
carla o on Nov 21, 2015
I've worn this type of underwear for more than 20 years.
W H on Nov 19, 2015
I chose this style because it's 100% cotton and they are very comfortable.
K I on Nov 19, 2015
They fit well and are COMFORTABLE
Judith W on Nov 18, 2015
They are my favorite underpants, have purchased them several times
Jane K on Nov 18, 2015
The 100 % cotton sold me and the cut!
Marion J on Nov 18, 2015
I have loved my 5 year old purchase of a dozen Jockey Elance Hipsters. I am very concerned about what the reviews read of loss of quality. I may be returning these panties if they do not measure up to my experence and expectations.
Sally S on Nov 17, 2015
I already own a bunch of them. They're very comfortable, 100% cotton, and i'd highly recommend them.
J U on Nov 17, 2015
I have purchased them before. They fit well and are extremely comfortable. Priced competitively on this website.
Susan M on Nov 16, 2015
andrea a on Nov 16, 2015
Previous experience and comfort
Larissa T on Nov 12, 2015
I have been wearing this style for decades. I prefer 100% cotton and they are very comfortable. They are modest yet fashionable.
Shipra M on Nov 11, 2015
I always get the jockey underwear that is pure works every time for me.
Gina G on Nov 10, 2015
Good fit
Stephanie R on Nov 9, 2015
BELINDA B on Nov 8, 2015
I have purchased them before. I would like the fabric a little heavier.
P E on Nov 8, 2015
I like the fit.
K B on Nov 8, 2015
This order is for my granddaughter who likes these panties especially because the elastic waistband is covered.
Rita J on Nov 8, 2015
I love Jockey products. I love the softness and the fit. They wash and dry nice, stays true to size and color.
Josephine H on Nov 7, 2015
I have worn them for years. They are the only pants that are comfortable for me.
C H on Nov 7, 2015
fits me well, offers different colors
Kathleen B on Nov 6, 2015
My daughter likes them, and I ordered them for her.
Shirley E on Nov 6, 2015
sale item
W I on Nov 5, 2015
Have several pair and love them
sharla h on Nov 5, 2015
The Elance hipsters are no-nonsense, 100% cotton, and no longer available in stores or in the Jockey catalog. I was surprised to see them on-line, so I stocked up.
J I on Nov 5, 2015
felt great with cotton and nothing annoys with elastic band, and great coverage on my belly.
Yesenia B on Nov 3, 2015
100% cotton
K L on Nov 1, 2015
Comfortable, well made.
Molly D on Nov 1, 2015
Never ever rise up! Perfect for my athletic family.
Karen A on Oct 31, 2015
These are the most comfortable, long wearing underwear I ever owned. Nothing else compares. I put them on and never have to worry about slipping or stretching out. Especially love the covered elastic on waist as well as legs.
Lisa A on Oct 28, 2015
Couldn't beat the sale!!
Bobbie C on Oct 27, 2015
I've been using the same brand for 12 yrs.
Jeanette M on Oct 27, 2015
the fabric, wear these instead of pajama bottoms
Susan T on Oct 26, 2015
My friend likes this style more confortable with her body type
Genevieve D on Oct 25, 2015
I have been purchasing this style underwear for over 10 years and they have worn well and I have always been pleased with this product, so I see no sense in switching to anything else.
D O on Oct 21, 2015
they fit great
Georgine H on Oct 21, 2015
These have been my favorite underwear for at least 10 years. I love the feel and the fit.
Peggy M on Oct 20, 2015
These are very comfortable.
karen p on Oct 19, 2015
My underwear of choice for 30+ years
Elaine A on Oct 18, 2015
purchased for my daughter, she likes the lower rise.
PEGGY J on Oct 17, 2015
Like the fit
Diane H on Oct 16, 2015
best underwear ever
R H on Oct 16, 2015
Comfortable, fit well, cotton!
M C on Oct 15, 2015
this fit is the best!
Yocheved E on Oct 13, 2015
*They are 100% cotton, most importantly. Synthetic fabrics cause me skin irritation plus they hold any modern fragrances exposed to them from any source (including fragranced detergents) that cannot be washed out, even if the item is 95%cotton.
*They are made by a long time quality mfg company
H E on Oct 10, 2015
I have worn jockey underwear for years. I like the fit, the selection of colors and their durability. Wash and dry well in regular laundry without shrinking or fading. Great product.
Judy W on Oct 8, 2015
Very comfortable and long wearing.
Patricia S on Nov 27, 2015
I love the fit!
Jeanne V on Nov 22, 2015
We're looking for more Jockey brand women's briefs - 100% cotton, white, covered elasti waist and legs, size 7. The tag reads: RN# 61683, CA#23638. We can't tell which style to order on-line. Can you help us with that? Thank you!
Melinda S on May 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you very much for your question. Unfortunately, many different styles of underwear (t-shirts and briefs, for example) have the exact same RN and CA numbers. Those numbers only tell where the product was made. But not to worry, if you are looking for a 100% cotton, covered waistband brief, it will be our Jockey Elance Brief. You can find them at:
How does Elance differ from classic? I am interested in hipster panties.
Louise W on Jan 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I've checked my labels....they don't help. I am certain there is a difference...some cotton is stronger, softer, and more durable than the other, but can't tell which is which since the label is NOT helpful. The last purchase I made was about a year ago, at KOHL's. I've lots of these. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! My suggestion, since I can't be really helpful, is to buy a pair/pkg of each and see. That could be expensive. So, try to open a pair/pkg of each and feel and see the difference ; check at the trim below the belly button. I think you will be able to tell. Good luck...I love these pants! S.
No exposed elastic? Is elastic waistband covered?
Tamar E on Nov 6, 2014
BEST ANSWER: No exposed elastic. Covered waistband. However, I found these to be smaller than I had expected compared to what I thought was a similar product that I bought in a store, which fit perfectly. I bought the same size on line and they were too small.
Why do you not make these jockey hipsters in a size 8 or 9?
A shopper on Sep 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you so much for your question, and I do apologize for the confusion. We do offer our Jockey Elance Hipster in both size 8 and 9, but those sizes are considered Plus Size. You can find them at the following link: Hope this helps.
Why doesn't Jockey Elance Hipster come in a size 8 anymore?
P M on Aug 24, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. I'm sorry for the confusion. You can find our Plus Size Elance Hipster online at: Hope this helps!
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