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Stay warm and comfortable with our waffle union suit. Union suit features a modern styling with rear flap opening. cotton and polyester fabric blend helps to keep you warm and provides breathability. Classic button-up front extends down the mid-section. Cuffed sleeves and fitted leg openings help retain heat. Jockey® waffle union suit is our essential cold-weather thermal.
  • waffle knit forms a natural insulating barrier against the cold
  • Lycra® spandex provides body hugging comfort
  • cotton blend with wicking properties to wick moisture away from the body to naturally keep you dry
  • generous body and sleeve length
  • fashionable and functional flat lock seams provide greater comfort
  • ribbed neck and sleeve cuffs help retain warmth
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Traditional longjohns
I bought these longjohns for everyday cold weather wear. They're also great for sitting in a cold deer blind or walking the dog. They're better than the two piece longjohn sets since they cover the gap and the bottoms don't ride down. There's no elastic to bind your waist. The traditional back flap is an improvement over the verticle slit design.
A wool version would be great since it would keep you warm even when wet.
September 28, 2011
My favorite garment, but no hatch
I love this union suit! It's comfortable and not too tight, fits perfect. There is a problem, I can't wear it anywhere but home.

It has no Backflap! One has to take off their shirt and jacket just to go to the bathroom. This would be a 5 star because I wear it all the time, but idea of taking off your shirt in the mens room on a cold day doesn't work. Only for around the house.

Jockey, I would buy 5 more of these if you had the backflap. I know it's comical, and that may be why it wasn't included, but it is more importantly functional.

Anyways, just be warned, no backflap.
December 7, 2009
Not as good as they once were
The union suit I got 2 years ago from Jockey is one of my favorite go-to things to keep warm in Minnesota's winters, so this year I bought 3 more, only to find that the design is now flawed. Formerly, there were 10 buttons on the front placard of the suit, all sewn neatly down the middle. This left no gaps for cold air to get through. However, there are now only 8 buttons, and they were sewn very near the edge of the fabric, so that there is cold air seeping in between each pair of buttons. People aren't buying these for style, we buy them for insulation, and this makes them muss less suitable. Jockey, if you read this, BUY 2 MORE BUTTONS for each suit!! How much could it cost?
January 3, 2014
Back to traditional design, Yahoo!
It's great to see they finally got around to making this in the traditional design.

Now one question, when can you get around to making this with the traditional rear flap in the "shorty" style. When I say shorty I mean shorts type with short sleeves. That would be really great to see, especially for out of the winter season to wear loads of other times other then really cold times.
October 5, 2011
Have always enjoyed wearing unionsuits.
Have enjoyed wearing unionsuits for a long time and am glad to know that Jockey has brought them back. Thanks
November 2, 2009
Awsome Thermals!!
This union suit was the best investment I have ever made. I was sceptical at first about getting a union suit because it is(unfortunetly)given a bad name due to it's "old man" appearance but the one piece design is a very intelligent one.
The union suit, opposed to the two piece thermals, moves with you. There's no sliding down or riding up like there would be on the two peice.
The funtionality of the rear flap is so cool. Because it is a one piece thermal, when you got to go do your business, just drop the flap and during that time your whole body stays warm opposed to the two piece where your legs, waist, etc would be exposed to the cold.
All and all I would highly recomend this union suit to anyone of any age. I own two and plan to purchace more very soon.
The only suggestion I make to Jockey is that there could be more colors available and have it available to purchace during more times of the year so it won't sell out as fast.
December 12, 2011
keeps me nice and warm
keeps me nice and warm in -25 temps. Only complaint I have is the back flap keeps coming unbutton
January 23, 2014
A Home Run, and a Piece of History!
Our great grandfathers didn't have many luxuries, but this union suit was surely one of them. The delightfully stretchy material makes for a perfect fit. Jockey very wisely did not attempt to build in a trap-door seat, which always ruins the backside fit of a union suit. The solid seat fits perfectly and really contributes to the handsome good looks of the garment. Last I checked, these had sold out. I'm watching for a restock -- maybe in some colors, like navy or red?
December 10, 2009
I will be buying another one next year.
Living in the Northeast, I have used this union suit both indoor and outdoor. Very comfortable. Moves with you and is not contraining.

Only one small issue was that it did shrink slightly after washing. However, I will buying a 2nd union suit next season.
January 22, 2010
Really Comfortable
The fit is perfect on my 5'10' 155 lb body. Having a zipper instead of buttons would improve the ease of getting in and out of.
October 20, 2010
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Hubby needed for work
Kelly I on Dec 9, 2016
philip k on Nov 26, 2016
Hubby needed for work
Kelly I on Dec 9, 2016
Terry P on Nov 29, 2016
philip k on Nov 26, 2016
Gift. What happened to the other styles? All gone?
Eric P on Nov 25, 2016
love the style wish you had them in plaid
Michelle H on Nov 24, 2016
For my husband so he can stay warm while riding his Harley Davidson on those clear, cold, winter days.
Ellen T on Sep 11, 2016
I had a set 20 yrs. ago. wanted to try them again.
joseph h on Sep 10, 2016
Great Quality Item
Bonnie L T on Sep 6, 2016
MARTY M on Sep 5, 2016
outside at sports events in cold weather. best price
Donald A on Aug 31, 2016
looks really really comfortable
Jae P on Aug 30, 2016
Going hunting in cold weather.
Frank C on Aug 29, 2016
Don S on Aug 26, 2016
getting ready for winter
P D on Aug 25, 2016
Kimberly T on Aug 15, 2016
I want to try a union suit to relieve binding at my waist from separate pieces of under wear. I have already gone to suspenders to eliminate a belt. I also hope this will provide warmth in cold weather and eliminate drafts from under garments shifting up and down.
Phillip S on Jul 31, 2016
Good for winter, it was on sale.
Anthony S on Jul 27, 2016
Union suits are sexy
William P on Jul 24, 2016
My son had these when he was a child and LOVED them. Now that he is an adult and lives in cold weather I thought he might enjoy them again.
Juanita C on Jul 9, 2016
Needed them for an outfit I'm putting together! ;-)
Patrick J on Jun 24, 2016
style & price- I like that it had the classic "back door flap"
Anthony F on Jun 14, 2016
I am going camping in the mountains in Colorado and it is still getting cold at night and I plan on wearing this item at night to help me stay warm.
Dennis K on Jun 13, 2016
A N on Jun 13, 2016
I am sending to a friend in South Africa, the red as a joke but they need long johns, seems noone import them.
John C on Jun 13, 2016
More comfortable than two piece long johns. The elastic waistband always irritates me and leaves marks with the two piece.
David M on Jun 12, 2016
Father's Day gift for special friend.
JoAnn S on Jun 7, 2016
Great price, good reviews.
William R on May 31, 2016
I needed it for a prop in one of our singing group's songs . . . plus I thought I could use it on some cold winter nights!
Carol A on May 18, 2016
going to an event pajama party
Ronald S on May 16, 2016
Been looking for one in stores and could not find one..
Dudley T on May 16, 2016
As a gift for one of my nephews
Tami W on May 11, 2016
son loved it
T E on May 8, 2016
LOL...Always wanted one of these...just lik in the old movies
RICH R on Apr 30, 2016
I wanted to try these. I will wear them around the house.
Louis M on Apr 30, 2016
Always wanted these and the price was right!
Kris B on Apr 28, 2016
hella bargain, & also loose, for a cold day around the house.....some thick socks & a hot cup o'coffee.......i cant wait for winter
Jimmy M on Apr 20, 2016
cynthia a on Apr 19, 2016
Costume needs
Virginia B on Apr 6, 2016
love these for hunting and fishing allows all body heat to be trapped as one mass instead of trapped at the belt down side don`t care for trap door usally down dress
Brian S on Apr 2, 2016
it a favorite
Stephen M on Mar 25, 2016
horizontal rather than vertical flap
Ken D on Mar 23, 2016
Keeps me warm and doesn't swirl around my body and/or bind me anywhere when I turn over.
Carlene B on Mar 15, 2016
looks fun to wear
BILLY B on Mar 13, 2016
I am in a community theater production of The Fantasticks and was on need of the old style "union suit".
Michael A. R on Mar 10, 2016
I have always wanted a pair and with this sale price I could not resist
Clayton A on Mar 7, 2016
Because it is cold in Buffalo! I love to get warm in these Union Suits.
Steven O on Mar 5, 2016
Great for sleeping in.
Michael S on Mar 2, 2016
I have it in red and is warm and comfortable
James G on Feb 26, 2016
For Our 2016 Christmas Family PJ's
Susan P on Feb 25, 2016
for my husband. He's a fireman and mentioned that he'd like a one piece undergarment and I saw this one.
Jil R on Feb 21, 2016
Terry P on Nov 29, 2016
Gift. What happened to the other styles? All gone?
Eric P on Nov 25, 2016
How do the sizes run? I have a son in 30 34 jeans I'm thinking he will need a small?
A shopper on Dec 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question! Our men's size chart is just what you're looking for. Just click on: With a waist measurement of 30 inches, I would be inclined to suggest a size small as well for a proper fit. Hope this helps!
Dose the union suit come in big sizes?
A shopper on Nov 2, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you very much for your email.

Although our Jockey Men's Stretch Waffle Union Suit is not available in Big Man sizes right now, our merchandising and design team is currently considering whether perhaps our collections are too restrictive in terms of size. So, they've asked us to forward on to them any feedback which would tend to confirm that hypothesis. So I will be forwarding your online product review on to them for review.

Hope this helps!
The reviews for this are confusing. Does it have a backflap or not? Btw, pictures of the back of any and all selections would also be appreciated!
A shopper on May 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes it has a back flap, though it is held in place with 3 buttons that come loose fairly easily, especially if other clothes are being worn over it. I bought it to use as long underwear for hunting and I often found myself with the back flap coming loose and bunching up. Ended up sewing the button holes tighter to prevent this from happening.
What size is the model wearing?
Kerel R on Dec 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question! Unfortunately we do not have the information regarding which size was used for this picture available. Sorry we could not be of more help!
How to they use the bathroom?
Sherry G on Nov 6, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Our Jockey Waffle Union Suit features a rear opening and extra deep front opening to ensure there are no difficulties when nature calls. Hope this helps!
Does this Union Suit have a horizontal Back Flap or not?
A shopper on Jan 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes it has. Useful to go to the loo for the big one avoiding taking off the suit !
Price is more than fair at 19,99 now !
Excuse my english, i'm French.
Are the union suits pre-shrunk or will there be shrinkage?
Michael W on Oct 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The union suit is cotton and will likely shrink if subjected to a hot water wash or left in a tumble dryer past the point of becoming dry. I wash absolutely everything in cold water as modern detergents work well with cold water. I also take care not to leave everything in the dryer for the same amount of time (e.g. pull out items as they become dry; don't leave everything in the dryer until your jeans are dry). My union suit has never therefore had any shrinkage. Very happy with this item it has served me well for many years. Also makes for a nice pair of jammies for lounging around the house or sleeping in a cold bedroom.
Why does this only come in the color red? You definitely need white or grey... and camo. You would get a lot more orders.
A shopper on Dec 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi, Thank you for your inquiry. This Waffle Union Suit is no longer available. I will forward your suggestion onto our merchandising and sales staff as they do look for suggestions and feedback from our consumers. Thank you and have a good day.
I'm 6'5" but pretty slim. My torso fits best in a large, but with my need for longer sleeves I usually wear an XL. I wear a 34W 36L in pants. I'm just wondering if this Union suit will fit since it seems to only come in one size. -?
Long John on Sep 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi, Thank you for your inquiry.
Our Jockey Men's Stretch Waffle Union Suit is a seasonal product that we usually introduce around October, and I'm so very sorry to say that our stock has been depleted, We have no more in stock. I do apologize that is why you are not seeing the sizes. Thank you and have a good day.

Will the Large size fit a 6'2 guy with 38 waist or do I need an XL?
A shopper on Jul 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry, a size large would fit in the waist, however, these items are intended to fit men up to 6ft. However, dependent on your proportions it might work for you. If you purchase and it does not work for you; we offer free returns and exchanges on every order.
Wondering if this was offered in a 4X?
A shopper on Oct 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Although our Jockey Men's Stretch Waffle Union Suit is not available in 4XL right now, our merchandising and design team is currently considering whether perhaps our collections are too restrictive in terms of size. So, they've asked us to forward on to them any feedback which would tend to confirm that hypothesis. So I will be forwarding your online product review on to them for review. Thank you for your feedback!
Is there a different inseam for different sizes? If so, what are the inseams for larges and XLs? What are the overall lengths for a large and an XL?
Connor B on Mar 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you very much for your question. I'm so sorry, but because this product has been discontinued, we no longer have samples of it in our customer service center. In fact, every last stitch of it was shipped to our warehouse more than 100 miles away. On average, our Jockey Waffle Union Suit has had an inseam measurement of 31.5" for a size Large in years past. There is also normally a .5 - .75" variance per size. Sorry we can't be of more help.
Is this made for tall people? I'm 6'2. I purchased a different brand, and after the first wash it shrunk and now the crotch digs into me so much that I can't wear it. Just don't want to spend close to 60 bucks for something I won't be able to wear. I would be a medium according to your size chart, but can you tell me the shoulder to crotch length?
C B on Dec 21, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi, the medium for this item is 33 1/2 inches from the highest point of the back to the bottom of the crotch.
Which size should I get for someone who is 5 foot 4 inches tall and 125 lbs?
dathan T on Dec 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi, ususally we sugget going by the widest measurment of the body and matching that to the size chart. Usually this is the chest measurment. Then you will have to go by the size chart:
how much do they shrink when washed?
A shopper on Nov 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi, this item does not tend to shrink when being washed. This item is a cotton blend and the fabrication should not shrink.
FORREST G on Nov 1, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Hi Forrest, the inseam for this item is 30 inches.
what is the length?
A shopper on Oct 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I took a measurment of this item from the top of the shoulder to the leg hem and it measured 60 inches.