The Jockey Fit Kit

Introducing the
Jockey® Fit Kit

Your Bra Size will Never Be the Same
The first and only system that measures breast
volume. Use volumetric fit cups to measure
breast volume, along with a color-coded
measuring tape.
Try It, Wear It, Love It.
Risk-Free Guarantee.
$1995 Plus $20 Off
Your First Bra
Your Jockey® Fit Kit includes:
• 10 volumetric fit cups
• Color-coded measuring tape
• Easy-to-follow instructions
• A protective lingerie wash bag
What is a Fit Kit? What is a fit kit?
We've got the answers!
What Women are Saying
What Women
Are Saying
You know immediately that
you didn't just buy a bra, you
made an investment that
could change your life.
-D. Harrison

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A whopping 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Your bra should always lay flat against your skin, give you the right amount of coverage and always stay in place. Do you ever feel like your bra is digging into your skin? Do the bra straps ever fall down? Do you spill over the edges of the bra cups? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're wearing the wrong size bra! With our revolutionary new sizing system, you measure your bra size my measuring the breast volume instead of using a tape measure. You wouldn’t measure a pitcher of water with a tape measure, would you? Why do the same to measure your bra size? With our new Volumetric Sizing System, you'll easily find your perfect fit and never have to wear uncomfortable ill-fitting bras again! How does it work? First, with a

Jockey Fit Kit

, use our fit cups to determine your bra cup size. Place the fit cup over your breast to find the cup that perfectly covers you without any spillage or extra room. Then, use the measuring tape to measure around the underbust, which is where your bra band would lay. These are the two measurements you'll need to determine your bra size in our new sizing system. All that's left now is to order your new bra and discover the amazing fit and feel of a perfectly fitted bra!