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My breasts are different sizes; which do I use to measure, the larger or smaller?

Always measure the larger breast.

Which way should the arrow point on the volumetric fit cup?

The arrow should always point up.

How do I measure my band size?

Wrap the measuring tape around your body at the point where your breast tissue meets your rib cage. Make sure the measuring tape is lying flat against your body and is straight across your back (hint: a mirror always helps!). Your band size will be the number found where the end of the measuring tape intersects a colored section.

I have an odd-numbered band size, should I go up or down?

It depends on how the cup is fitting and how you like your bra to feel. That said, we generally recommend that you go up. It may take a couple of tries with different combinations to ensure you get the right size bra.

I normally wear a 32B; what size Jockey® bra should I order?

Because Jockey® bras feature our patented Volumetric Fit System, which is completely different from traditional measurements, there is no way to convert your current size into our sizing system. The best way to find your perfect fit is to order a fit kit and fit yourself at home, or get a complimentary fitting at any Jockey® store.

Since Jockey® bra sizes don't convert to traditional sizes, how do I know if they will fit me?

Currently, Jockey® bras fits most women who traditionally wear between 32A and 44E. The best way to find your perfect fit is to purchase a fit kit risk-free, or visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting. If you've already fit, and our sizing system doesn't work for you, we'd love to hear from you! Contact us and share your current bra sizing information and contact information with our bra experts. We'll notify you if we expand our sizing options in the future!