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Determining Size

How tight should my bra band be?

The role of the band is to anchor the bra, so it stays put. The band’s snug fit is very important and maximizes comfort.

When determining your size, be sure to relax your arms by your side and breathe normally.

How do I know if my bra band is “snug” enough?

Take the “arms up” test. Put the bra on and lift your arms over your head a few times. If the band stays put, it is a snug fit. If the band shifts when your arms move, it may cause discomfort during the day.

Your band size may be slightly different than what you are used to as our system gives you a REALFIT™ measurement.

Where should the bra band sit on my back?

The bra band should sit straight across the middle of the back. To maximize comfort, it shouldn’t sit too high on the shoulder blades, or too low on the back. Improper placement can cause discomfort.

What should I do if my bra rides up my back?

Tighten your band, or try a smaller band size. This will eliminate the band from moving up your back. If your band rides up, it will put more pressure on your back and shoulders, causing discomfort.

What is a full coverage cup?

It is a cup that provides maximum support and coverage for the entire breast.

I am two different cup sizes… now what?

Try our lightly padded bras. They provide modesty and shape, while also creating a smooth look.

If there is still a significant volume discrepancy between breasts, try using cup inserts to even out the difference.

The Bra Itself

What is the metal piece on some bras?

It is a feminine detail. It is not made of metal alloy, so it won’t go off in airport security.

Which hook do I use to fasten my bra?

There is no right or wrong hook, but we recommend starting with the loosest hook and gradually working your way to the tightest hook. This helps achieve desired snugness and increases the longevity of the bra.

What if I need to start the hook at the tightest setting?

Try one band size smaller as having multiple hook options will benefit the bra long-term. This also ensures comfort and anchoring of the bra through the band.

How do I determine if my new Jockey® bra is a proper fit?

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Check straps: they shouldn’t be tight, or carry all the weight of the bust.
  • Check band: make sure it’s centered on your back, horizontally.
  • Patented Comfort Wire: it should fit under the bust and encompass the side of the breast; also, make sure the bridge of the bra (center material connecting cups) sits against your chest wall. If it doesn’t, try a larger cup or tighten the band.
  • “Arms up” test. Does the band move? Does it stay in place?
  • Put your top on, look in the mirror and see the difference.
  • How do you feel in the bra? Are you comfortable?
  • Wash it and then wear it.

How do I know which foam cup bra is right for me?

We recommend the Full Coverage Lightly Padded Comfort Wire (6701) for fuller, rounder breasts; and the Lightly Padded Comfort Wire (6702) for softer breasts that sit a bit lower.

What bra is good for people whose straps constantly fall down?

We recommend the Lightly Padded Comfort Wire (6702) and Non-padded Comfort Wire (6703). They are great for women with sloping or narrow shoulders because of the strap’s elasticity. Additionally, the straps are adjustable so they stay put.

I am older and my breasts are no longer as perky as they once were. Which style would be right for me?

We recommend Non-padded Comfort Wire (6703) and Non-padded Wire-free (6705). There isn’t any padding that your breasts must conform to or fill, so the cups form to your breasts.

I have always worn my bras loose and feel a looser band is more comfortable.

A tighter band that is the correct size will result in a more comfortable fit. A loose band could cause shoulder issues, or may cause the bra to move or shift, making for an uncomfortable experience.

I prefer a bra with a wider band.

The Full Coverage Lightly Padded Comfort Wire (6701) and Non-padded Wire-free (6705) offer the most coverage on the sides for a smoother look.

I wore my new Jockey® bra for the first time and it was not as comfortable as I thought it would be.

We highly recommend washing your bra before wearing it. The fabric and seams will soften up, which makes for a very comfortable first wear.

Fit Kit FAQ's

My breasts are different sizes; which should I measure, the larger or smaller?

If your breasts are asymmetrical, measure the larger breast.

Which way should the arrow point on the fit cup?

The arrow should always point up.

How do I measure my band size?

Place the REALFIT™ measuring tape level just under breasts. Wrap it around your body where your bra band would sit. It should be snug, but not tight. Use a mirror to ensure the tape is level and hasn’t ridden up or down.

The number in the color block where the tape meets is your measurement.

Why is my band measurement different than other bras I’ve purchased?

Most fitting methods are outdated and add 2–4” to your measurement. Our Volumetric Fit System ensures an accurate fit.

Should I just order the band size I already buy in other bras?

No. Use the number on the color block as it is your real band size and will be a better fit.

If you are unsure what size to order, you can buy the two closest sizes and return one for free. Or, visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

I fall right on the line in between two colors on the tape measure, should I go up or down?

You have a few options: order the two closest sizes and return one for free; order the smaller size and wear it on the loosest hook; or visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

How do I know if the REALFIT™ cup fits?

When you lean forward, your entire breast should fill the cup with the edges against your body. If the cup does not contain your breast, go up a size. If the edges are on your body and you can easily fit fingers in the gaps between the cup and your breast, go down a size.

I am in between cup sizes, what should I do?

You have a few options: order the two closest sizes and return one for free; go up a size; or visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

I normally wear a 32B; what size Jockey® bra should I order?

Because our bras feature our patented Volumetric Fit System, which is completely different from traditional measurements, there is no way to convert your current size. The best way to find your fit is to order a fit kit and fit yourself at home, or visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

Since Jockey® bra sizes don't convert to traditional sizes, how do I know if they will fit me?

Our bras fit most women who wear a 32A–44E. The best way to find your fit is to purchase a fit kit, or visit any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

If you already fit yourself or received a fitting, and our sizing system didn’t work for you, contact us to share your current size and contact information. We'll notify you if we expand our sizing options in the future.

What is your return or exchange policy?

Try Jockey® bra risk-free. Wear it, wash it, wear it and wash it again. If, at any point, you don’t love it return it. We’ll give you your money back and refund the shipping, too.

I used the REALFIT™ cups and that is not bra cup I am looking for, do you have other cups I can use?

Our REALFIT™ cups are a measuring device and do not reflect bra styles or the cut of the fabric; they are used only to measure your volume for an accurate cup size.


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