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I normally wear a 32B; what size Jockey® bra should I order?

Because Jockey® bras feature our patented Volumetric Fit System, which is completely different from traditional measurements, there is no way to convert your current size into our sizing system. The best way to find your perfect fit is to order a fit kit and fit yourself at home, or get a complimentary fitting at any Jockey® store.

Since Jockey® bra sizes don't convert to traditional sizes, how do I know if they will fit me?

Jockey® bras come in 55 sizes and fit 80% of women. The best way to find your perfect fit is to fit yourself, get fitted in-store or try them on.

What does double-lined mean?

Double-lined, or 2-ply, means that the bra has two layers of fabric. In addition to modesty, it offers great support with a natural shape.

What is 3-D contour?

The patented 3-D contour is a molded resin that was created to replace traditional metal underwire. We designed it to fit the 3-D shape of a woman's body, with a spoon shape at the side to help cradle the breast.

Are the bra straps adjustable?

They are partially adjustable, but should cater to 90% of sizes required. As a reminder, never have your straps pulled too tight.

What fabrics are used in all the various parts of the bra?

The bras are primarily made of soft microfiber nylon and added spandex for comfort and a smooth look underneath.

How long will my Jockey® bra last?

The better you care for your bra, the longer it will last. We recommend using a laundry bag and following the care instructions.

Are the strap connectors on some of the bras made of metal?

The Jockey Bra Infinity Jewel Strap connectors are made of nickel-free alloy. We guarantee you will love the way you look and feel or your money back.

Get your most comfortable bra in three simple steps.

Get your most comfortable bra in 3 simple steps

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