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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Testimonial Disclosure Statement

At Jockey, we are committed to being a market leader in product innovation and to our customers in a relentless drive to satisfy their need for comfort and to secure their undying loyalty.

Jockey appreciates it when customers, the industry and Jockey partners share their thoughts on Jockey’s products and business. We enjoying sharing these opinions and routinely post or link testimonials and reviews Jockey receives through e-mail, texts, postings on and Jockey’s social media sites, telephone calls and good old fashion mail. Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional hand written note! We invite you to peruse the reviews and keep them coming!

Because our legal department says we have too, and in accordance with FTC guidelines, please note some of the testimonials and reviews come from sources, who may have an ongoing business relationship with Jockey. In which, Jockey, like many other companies, extend free products, discounts, promotional support, or other indirect or direct financial incentives to these sources. These perks may or may not sway the nature of the testimonial and review Jockey posts or links. The source of such testimonials and reviews may not always be identified as paid or sponsored.

All testimonials and reviews whether paid or unpaid reflect the individual’s real life experience with Jockey and Jockey products and services. However, testimonials and reviews are individual results which may and sometimes do vary. We are not claiming the testimonials and reviews are typical or are necessarily illustrative of all individual experiences when using Jockey’s products and services.

The testimonials and reviews displayed are given verbatim, except changes to correct grammatical or typing errors, or shortened where the whole statement is really long or may contain content not necessarily relevant or helpful.

We feel the testimonials and reviews expressed are the unbiased and honest opinions, findings and experiences of individuals who enjoy using our products and are strictly individual views. Jockey does review testimonials and reviews to prevent abuse, remove profanity and other publicly inappropriate content. Jockey does not necessarily share the opinions of all of the testimonials and reviews Jockey receives. That said, in every case, we believe the quality and performance of Jockey products speaks for themselves, and we encourage you to try them out!