Jockey Classics Women's Underwear

Our women's Classics underwear collection is a customer favorite for everyday must-haves including classic panties in singles, 3-packs, and 5-packs. Enjoy 100% combed cotton comfort in various Classic underwear styles: women's hipster underwear, french cut underwear, and women's brief underwear. Plus size Classic underwear for women is also available. Jockey Classics Women's Underwear

Jockey Comfies Women's Underwear

Comfies are just that, comfortable women's underwear! Try out our seamless styles with a flattering fit. Choose a full-coverage silhouette in smooth microfiber or cozy cotton. Women's underwear has never been so comfy. Plus size Comfies underwear for women is also available. Jockey Comfies Women's Underwear

Jockey Elance Women's Underwear

If you like color and cotton, our Jockey Elance Women's underwear styles are for you. Elance underwear for women conforms to fit your natural curves. Stock up today with convenient women’s underwear 3-packs. Jockey Elance Women's Underwear

Jockey Staycool Women's Underwear

Now your favorite women's underwear styles are proven to keep you cooler. Women's Jockey Staycool underwear help regulate your temperature so you stay comfortable all day long. As the weather heats up, Give Jockey Staycool underwear for women a try. Jockey Staycool Women's Underwear

Jockey Naturals Women's Underwear

Jockey women's Naturals underwear styles are smooth and seamless, perfect for everyday wear. Women's Naturals underwear is made from soft and breathable fabrics. Be you and be comfortable in Jockey women's underwear. Jockey Naturals Women's Underwear

Jockey No Panty Line Promise Women's Underwear

We promise — no panty lines! Shop Jockey No Panty Line Promise women's underwear styles for a seamless, no-show look. With over 5 different underwear silhouettes, you'll be sure to find your favorite underwear. Women love all of the NPLP new colors and prints. Eliminate panty lines today! Jockey No Panty Line Promise Women's Underwear

Jockey Skimmies Slipshort

A whole new kind of women's underwear! Jockey Skimmies smoothes like a slip and covers like shorts. Perfect for under dresses, pants and skirts. These women underwear styles eliminate panty lines for a seamless look all day long. Pick and choose one of our many Jockey Skimmies women's underwear colors to complete your look. Jockey Skimmies Slipshort

Jockey Supersoft Women's Underwear

Slip into our softest women's underwear styles. Jockey Supersoft women's underwear is light and cool to the touch. Mix and match fresh colors and patterns for convenient 3-pack women's underwear pricing. Get Supersoft and get comfy. Jockey Supersoft Women's Underwear

Jockey Traditional Fit Women's Underwear

If you liked the fit and feel of our Jockey Silks women's underwear, you will love our Traditional Fit Collection. These silky smooth underwear styles lay comfortably against your skin. In fun new colors and patterns, women just love these underwear styles. Jockey Traditional Fit Women's Underwear