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OUR COMPANY: Ethical Production


Jockey® products are manufactured in factories across the globe. Jockey strives to maintain the highest level of ethical standards in production, and the protection of worker's human rights is of critical importance to that goal. We do not source products from any country or factory where the rights of its workers are not protected to the extent expected by the highest of international standards. In countries lacking in this area, but where the government invests in the improvement of conditions and adequately enforces human rights laws, we may explore working with individual factories. However, Jockey does not source its products in such factories until sufficient improvements are made on behalf of workers, both at the country and factory level.


Global manufacturing has led to the sourcing of production beyond our own facilities, and we have established stringent procedures to monitor partners who make Jockey® products. Laws and regulations vary greatly from country to country; however, Jockey monitors its factories to ensure they comply not only with local laws, but also with our own higher standards.

Jockey is a proud supporter of the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production organization, better known as WRAP. In 1997, Jockey and a group of American Apparel & Footwear Association (originally American Apparel Manufacturers Association) members worked to develop this extraordinary program. WRAP operates under a set of 12 principles designed to address social, environmental, and security compliance issues in factories around the world, a mission it has pursued with great success. Jockey insists that its factories are audited by independent organizations to ensure compliance with the principles established by WRAP. Where WRAP audits are not possible, Jockey pursues audits of equal caliber and standards. For more information on the WRAP program, please visit


In addition to WRAP, Jockey requires that any factory producing its goods abides by the Jockey Code of Conduct, available here: Our Code of Conduct contains a set of principles which help to ensure that each and every factory producing Jockey® products does so in an ethical and responsible manner. While our philosophy is to establish long-term relationships with our partners, no factory is exempt from maintaining compliance with our Code of Conduct regardless of how long they have worked with us. Therefore, we do all we can to assist factories in meeting and maintaining compliance with the principles required by the Jockey Code of Conduct. A healthy, safe, and secure environment is indispensable not only to workers, but also to Jockey.


Jockey requires a minimum age of 15 or the minimum required by local law, whichever is higher. Child labor is not accepted, and any factory we contract with is required to fulfill our minimum age for employment.


Jockey will not purchase products or components from any supplier that uses, or is suspected of using, forced labor, prison labor, indentured labor or exploited bonded labor. If Jockey learns that a partner, or potential partner, makes use of forced labor, we will immediately contact the relevant authorities.