RealFit® Bra Q&A

Questions? We’ve got your back.

Bra Care:

How should I care for my bra?

Here are a few super easy tips: Wash it after wearing a few times using a delicate detergent (bleach and fabric softener are big no-no’s), line dry and store flat so it doesn’t get all bent out of shape.

How often should I wash my bra?

It depends. How often you wear it? How long were you wearing it? Were you sweating? There’s not one right answer but we recommend after a few times wear.

How long should I keep my bra?

In short, it’s your choice. But, here are a few things to consider:
• Does the elastic in the band still offer support?
• Are the cups in good shape?
• Is the fabric holding up?
A good rule of thumb is to keep it for 6–12 months, depending on how often it’s worn and washed (hint, hint: hand-washed bras last longer).

Fitting Tips:

Oh no, my nipples are showing!

Here’s a fast and easy way to nip this situation in the bud: wear one of our lightly lined bras in the color that best complements your skin tone.

Yikes, my cups runneth over!

If you’re suffering from a case of double boob or your breasts are overflowing on the sides, you need a larger cup. It’s as simple as that!

Which hook should I use?

The hook’s a big deal. Its job is to create the best fitting and longest lasting band. We recommend starting at the loosest hook. When you feel the band starting to stretch out, adjust to the next hook and revive the snugness.

Help, my straps keep falling off!

We've got you covered. Every RealFit® bra by Jockey has a unique u-shaped back that draws the straps in and helps keep them from falling down. Amen to that! If they’re still falling down, check to make sure they are tightened up. Straps will loosen in the wash and from regular wear.

Ouch, my straps hurt my shoulders.

This usually happens when your straps are doing all the work and your band is slacking on the job. So, we recommend re-fitting your band size.

You’ll likely find a smaller, more supportive bra band does the trick.

My straps support and hold up my bra... is that right?

That’s actually the bra band’s job. It should be lifting up and supporting the bulk of the weight.

If your straps are doing all the work, try tightening your band to better anchor and support. If your band feels loose, it may be time to get re-fit.

What if I need to start the hook on the tightest setting?

Go one band size smaller. That way you’ll have more hook options and your bra will last longer. Plus, you’ll feel comfier and the band will help anchor the bra.

How do I know if my bra is a perfect fit?

Here’s our quick checklist:
• Do your straps feel comfy?
• Is the band centered on your back?
• Is the patented comfort wire under your bust (no sideboob or underboob)?
• Does the bra bridge (the part that connects the cups) lie flat?

Still not sure?
• Put your arms up and see if the band moves
• Try your top on to see how things look
• Wash it and wear it

Band & Cups

How tight should my bra band be?

It should be snug, but not tight… like a welcoming embrace! To make sure it’s “snug” enough, put your bra on and lift your arms over your head. If it stays put, it’s perfect.

Where does the bra band belong?

It should lie flat and straight across your back—not too high on your shoulder blades, or too low on your back.

What should I do if my bra brand rides up?

The reason your bra band is riding up is because it’s too loose around the body, which causes it to hike up in the back. NOT comfortable! Use a tighter hook, or try a smaller band size. It’s as simple as that!

Is it OK to wear my band loose?

A snug fit is better. It will give the support you need and keep everything where it belongs. Plus, loose bands can cause shoulder pain because the straps are doing the heavy lifting.

What’s a full coverage cup?

It gives you the most support and coverage… a great choice if you’re on the bustier side.

Bra Guide

How do I know which lightly padded bra to get?

Try the full coverage bra (#6701) if you have full, round breasts. If your breasts are softer and sit lower, go for the t-shirt bra (#6702).

What bra should I wear if my straps often slip?

Try our t-shirt (#6702) or wire-free unlined (#6705) bras. They're both ideal if you have sloping or narrow shoulders because the straps have great elasticity and they're adjustable, too.

What bra should I wear if I like a wider band?

Our full coverage (#6701) and wire-free unlined (#6705) bra styles offer up the most side support for a super smooth silhouette.

Help! My new bra doesn’t feel as comfortable as I thought it would.

Try washing it. This’ll help soften up the fabric and seams for a comfy, close-to-custom fit.


What is your return or exchange policy?

Try the RealFit® bra by Jockey totally risk-free. Wear it, wash it, wear it again, wash it again. If, at any point, you don’t love it, simply return it. We’ll give you your money back and refund the shipping.