RealFit® Bra Q&A

Questions? We’ve got your back.

Size & Fit:

How do I use my RealFit® kit?

Help, my boobs are different sizes!

This is true for many women—it’s totally common and totally normal. Here’s how to even things out: measure your larger breast and order that size cup in one of our lightly lined styles.

If you still notice a difference, pop in a padded insert (it’ll be our little secret)!

Should I just order the band size I currently wear?

No ma’am! Use the number in the color block—it’s your real size and will give you a much better fit. If you’re in between sizes, order both and return one for free. Or pop in any Jockey® outlet store for a second opinion.

I normally wear a 32B; what size RealFit® bra by Jockey should I order?

There’s no real way to convert your size. The best way to find your fit is to order a RealFit® kit and fit yourself at home, or stop in any Jockey® outlet store for a complimentary fitting.

How do I know if a RealFit® bra by Jockey will fit me?

Our bras fit most women who wear sizes 32A–44E. The best way to see if our bras fit you is to fit yourself or stop in any Jockey® outlet store for a fitting. If you’ve already fit yourself and we didn’t have your size, let us know. We’ll keep you posted should we offer more sizes in the future.

When should I get re-fit?

Ladies, you know it as well as we do... our bodies are constantly changing! So we recommend getting re-fit every 6 months, and whenever you experience any big life changes (weight loss or gain, pregnancy etc.)

Bra Cups:

How do I figure out my RealFit® cup size?

Start with a cup that looks close to your size, lean forward and place it under your bust (arrow facing up). Then, stand up. Check in the mirror to see if the cup has everything contained—top, bottom and sides. Overflow troubles? Go up a size. Gaping? Go down. Keep repeating until you find one that fits just right.

Which way should the arrow point on the RealFit® cups?


How do I know if the RealFit® cup fits correctly?

When you lean forward, your breast should fill up the cup. Gaping? Go down a size. Spillage? Go up.

What should I do if I’m between cup sizes?

You have a few options: order the two closest sizes and return one for free, go up a size or pop in any Jockey® outlet store for a second opinion.

Band Size:

How do I measure my band size?

Put the measuring tape under your breasts and wrap it snugly around your body where your bra band would go. Use a mirror to double check that it’s straight and flat.

Voilà, the number in the color block where the tape meets is your size.

What if my band size falls between two colors?

You have a few options: order both sizes and return one for free, order the smaller size and wear it on the loosest hook or pop in any Jockey® outlet store for a second opinion.

Why is my band size different than other bras I’ve purchased?

Because our system measures your real, true fit. Other sizing systems are outdated and can add 2–4” to your measurement.